Markèl Stewart - Coach For Women

I help women who are ready to be on a spiritual journey of healing and reclaim their personal power. Are you ready to make a change, transform and be on a journey of self-discovery, personal empowerment, and the exploration of divine feminine energy? I'm here to provide steadfast support and provide accountability as we work together towards your individualized plan of overcoming any burn out and reintroduce the woman you are meant to be. Ladies, it's time to prioritize you. Take that crucial first step toward regaining your personal power, finding balance, reducing stress, and attaining enduring inner peace and happiness. Reach out to me today, and let's initiate this beautiful journey of growth, transformation, and the rediscovery of your personal identity. In my role as a Spiritual Intuitive Coach, drawing from my background as a Nurse who has held multiple roles including leadership, a Reiki Master and certifications in Life Coaching and Mindfulness, my passion is in helping women from all walks of life start their spiritual journey, overcome burnout, reignite their career passion, and reclaim their personal power. I specialize in guiding individuals to restore balance and fulfillment in their lives while incorporating the wisdom of divine feminine energy. Together, we can embark on a transformation journey to revitalize your purpose and overall well-being, while using proven methods infused with spiritual and intuitive elements.


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